• Mama Kim’s Korean Restaurant

    Dish: Mama Kim’s Dinner for Two (right side)

  • Phuong’s Vietnamese Restaurant

    Dish: Mi Dac Biet

  • La Cosina Central American Restaurant

    Dish: Guatemalan Pork Chop

  • Kanpai Japanese Restaurant

    Dish: Nigiri Sushi

  • Bertha’s Kitchen

    Dish: Okra Soup

  • La Delicias II Deli y Grocery

    Dish: Tacos Dorados

  • Martha Lou’s Kitchen

    Dish: Fried Chicken

Directory of Multicultural
Charleston Restaurants

A Taco Lips Now is a multicultural directory of Charleston restaurants.  We have compiled what we feel are some of the best multicultural Charleston restaurants, grocery stores, markets, Charleston events, and more. Charleston restaurants are well known for their Lowcountry Cuisine, Geechee cuisine, and Southern Cuisines, yet what is less known is that Charleston restaurants are also home to a healthy multicultural restaurant scene as well. We are not experts on all the cultures shown here. We simply spent the past 5+ years driving around the greater Charleston areas hunting interesting multicultural experiences. What we found was apocalyptic.

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Photography by www.paulcheney.com