Ted’s Butcherblock
Charleston Butcher

Type: Ted’s Butcherblock
Address: 334 E. Bay Street, Charleston, SC 29401 (map)
Phone:(843) 553-8596
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Website: tedsbutcherblock.com

Hours of Operation

Monday :: Closed
Tuesday :: 11AM–7PM
Wednesday :: 11AM–7PM
Thursday :: 11AM–7PM
Friday :: 11AM–8PM
Saturday :: 11AM–7PM
Sunday :: Closed

About Ted’s Butcherblock

Since 2005, we’ve been Charleston’s premier hand cut-to-order butcher shop. In addition to the city’s best selection of all-natural beef, pork, lamb, veal and poultry, we offer fresh seafood, housemade sausages & pate, more than a dozen varieties of artisanal bacon and a wide selection of European and domestic cured meats — plus gourmet sandwiches, prepared foods, wine & cheese, craft beer and more. Our in-store events include Friday Night Dinners, Wine Tastings, Saturday Burgers and more.